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    Min Users : 2

    Max Users : 30

    1 /30 Players

    Round Id #1622
    Deposit now and try to win 0.92$  
    • 100%

    Round hash SHA224 : 5dec1396b5c6b15930aed4293dc8c36b1854f1827e7ab629c6966349c7db247a

    • MrDave Deposited:   0.005 ETH  


    • Win2.42 $ 
    • Chance58.7%


    Welcome to BitsGames, the main goal is to bring you to a new gambling experience where you can bet different cryptocurrencies to the same game. You are able to play more than 6 cryptocurrencies. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and the site website. We hope Bitsgames will bring you fun.


    • Win2.42 $ 
    • Chance58.7%

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