Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a Service to gamble cryptocurrencies. We tried to be different from other sites by letting users gambling several cryptocurrencies to the same game. As of now, we offer 2 "PvP" (players versus players) Games.

How to start playing :

To start playing, you will have to register, then Deposit coins on the site.

Once you have coins in your balance, you can place a bet, higher than the min. Bet and lower than the max Bet. The price of your coin will be taken in real time and converted as dollar "$" to the Pot allowing different coins to be placed to the same pot.

What is classic game?

Classic Game : Players who wish to try their luck, bet on a general deposit that is raffled among players at the end of a round. You can bet any cryptocurrencies available. It will take the price of the crypto in real time.

The winner is determined by the Ticket System, the more Tickets you buy, the higher chances you have to win.

Chances of the winning are indicated in percentage terms, once your bet is accepted, you can see the percent of your chance with your avatar during the current round.

The winner is determined at the end of a round time or once the max number of players joined the game take a commission of 4% of the users bets every round. Commission will be invested in the site and giveaways.

What is fast game?

Fast Game : There are only 3 players, whereas in the classic game it is up to 50. The winner gets a total deposit of 3 players.

Unliked Classic game, you game only bet ONCE per round.

The winner is determined by the Ticket System and once 3 players place their bets in the current game round. take a commission of 4% of the users bets every round. Commission will be invested in the site and giveaways.

You can deposit any amount of coins on the site, click on the wallet id provided when you select a coin to deposit and deposit on it, you can click on "Deposit" if you want to scan a code using your phone.

You can withdraw any coins you have in your wallet, enter the address of the wallet you want to withdraw to and the amount, then click withdraw.

If you added 2FA to your account, the withdrawal will be instant, if 2FA isn't activated, you will have to wait admin confirmation for your withdrawal to be accepted.

Note : We will take a fees on your withdrawal to pay the transfer of the coins, except for nano.

Your account is secure as long as you use a brandnew password you don't use on another site.

To increase your account security, you can enable google two-factor authentification using the google 2FA Application. Go to your Profile -> Enable 2Fa.

In case you lose your phone, hence your 2Fa, please open a ticket and give as much information as you can.

You don't need to enter your real name or real address, those information will be needed to restore it in case you lose your 2Fa or in case your account got compromised.

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